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To get the help they need when they need it.


Why Contact On Contract Only's Virtual As Needed Outsource Services?

Speed - just a phone call or email away - When you need help, you need it quickly.  And you need to know that the help you get is expert help.  Everything can be done by phone and the internet.

Cost Effectiveness - Each contract for each service covers the work to be done finitely providing you with greater control over your budget.

Time Crunch - We all have times when we face a time crunch - we need help NOW .  Isn't it nice to know that you have backup with experience and knowledge when you need it?

Cover shortages of time, people and resources without the burden of adding another employee - Hiring another employee is very expensive.  The process of hiring the employee is expensive in terms of time and on-boarding expenses.  Then there are payroll expenses, time off, vacation, benefits, space, desk, computer, phone, "water cooler conversations", problems,  and a host of other costs.   The biggest issue is the on-going costs of hiring an employee.

Growing Relationship - The more you or your organization utilizes outsource services, the more familiarity the contractor as with your work.   Expertise and familiarity are powerful components in achieving more in less time at a lower cost.

"Got Your Back" - Isn't it comforting to know there is someone capable and able to help you when you need the help?  In management, we never know what we'll face.  Sometimes, life "piles it on".

Who Will Benefit the Most from Virtual As Needed Outsource Services?  Non-profits and Small Business

Many non-profits and small businesses simply don't have all the resources available to them when they need them.  Hiring new employee can be impossible. 

The peace comes from knowing there is someone who can be called to  provide the help expertly. 

Contracting with people who have experience and knowledge is the best way to fill the void due to time, resource, people and monetary restrictions.

This option is affordable and timely

This option especially suits non-profits and small business who have a multitude of issues and tasks concerning everything from payroll to HR to processes to policy . . . . the list is endless

Because of my background, I can help people in most aspects of their enterprise.  I've completely rebuilt some organizations on many occasions and understand what efficiency and effectiveness looks like. 

Here are some of the services available: 

Proofreading and Editing Applications, Reports, Proposals, and other Important Documents - Avoid making important mistakes when you can least afford it or you need to impress.  You know that this service is critical especially when making applications and/or creating reports to banks, agencies and supporters. 

Consulting  - What are you blind to?  We can't always see our way to solving issues clearly and need a fresh perspective.  Consulting services can do that for you and offer practical and applicable solutions to implement saving hours of meeting times and achieving results faster.  

Completing Grant Applications - Governments, agencies and corporations often offer programs to help small business and non-profit but, usually, the windows to apply are short and the forms long.  Too, there are only certain times of the year to apply for grant money and they all seem to bunch up at the same time.  Filling in the forms is time consuming.  Get someone else to fill them in.

Researching  - Do you put off the research you need to do?  Research on all kinds of topics eat up time and energy.  For example, you may need some new software but you are not sure which one to select for your particular needs.  Or you want new money and need to know where you can possibly get it.  Save yourself a lot of time and engage virtual as needed services.

Developing or Updating Manuals  - Work on manuals consumes time, energy and resources and, yet, they're important to the best functioning of your group.  How out-of date are yours?  Or do they exist at all?  What would happen to your enterprise if people could not find certain information if something happened to key employees?

Hiring  - Who's got the time?  Yet, it needs to be done - placing the ads, reviewing the resumes, talking to the candidates, creating interview questions, making appointments for interviews, etc. - leave it to someone else to do this preliminary work and the post-interview tasks.  

Creating Training Videos for Staff and Board Members  - Are you tired of repeating the same information over and over again?  Creating simple training information videos.


Virtual As Needed Services for Individuals

Do you wish you could bounce ideas off someone or help you with a thorny situation without impacting your position in your organization?  Or do you wish you could just clear your muddled mind by talking out something with someone independent of the organization? Coaching can help.  One-on-one personal attention often results in getting unstuck and again moving forward in one's personal or career life.

Pricing - If you think you might like this option for your enterprise or yourself personally, contact me and let me know what you need.  I'll give you a quote.

Lorraine Arams
On Contract Only


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