To get the help you need

when you need it.

 The benefits -

Speed - help is just a phone call or email away - When you need help, you need it quickly.  And you need to know that the help you get is expert help.  The help is provided by phone and/or on the internet and paid for electronically.

Cost-Effectiveness - Each contract for each service is defined with specific parameters providing you with greater control over your budget.  You won't have to pay on-going salaries and benefits you can't afford during down times.

Time Crunch Relief - We all have times when we face a time crunch. Isn't it nice to know that you have someone backing you up with the right experience and knowledge when you need it?

Temporary Shortage Coverage - Cover shortages of people and resources without the burden of adding another employee - Hiring another employee is very expensive.  The on-going costs of having an employee can be prohibitive.

Resources with the right knowledge may not be available.  Non-profits can have some unique requirements not understood by others, especially those working in large organizations.

Because of my background, I can help people in most aspects of their enterprise.  I've completely rebuilt some organizations on many occasions and understand what efficiency and effectiveness look like. 

Peace of Mind - "Got Your Back" - Isn't it comforting to know there is someone capable and able to help you when you need the help?  In management, we never know what we'll face.  Sometimes, life "piles it on".

Many non-profits simply don't have all the resources available to them when they need them. 

Contracting with people who have experience and knowledge is the best way to fill the void.

affordable and timely

  Here are some of the services available: 

Proofreading and Content Editing -  Confidential documents, Grant applications, Reports, Proposals, and other Important Documents - Avoid making important mistakes when you can least afford it or when you need to impress.  And how time consuming is submitting several grant applications?  If you missed applying, could you miss out on much-needed funding?  If your content doesn't make sense with the budget you provide, could you lose out?

Writing - Every organization needs to communicate as often and in as many ways as possible for a variety of purposes:  updating manuals or creating sources of information, blog posts, social media entries, news releases.

HR - During my time as an Executive Director and a Board Member, HR seemed to be one of the most misunderstood and poorly developed areas of non-profits because they tried to copy HR practices for large groups into a non-profit framework. 

Adoption of frameworks designed for another entity doesn't work at any level unless the non-profit is very large in which case HR is not an issue - they can afford to hire HR specialists trained in the concepts associated with large organizations. 

In small to mid-sized non-profits, the ED is the HR person while wearing many other hats.  I can help with:  hiring, policy development, job descriptions, initial interviews, reference checks, etc.

Consulting or Advising  - What are you blind to?  We can't always see our way to solving issues clearly and need a fresh perspective.  Consulting services can do that for you and offer practical and applicable solutions saving hours of meeting and achieving results faster.  

Researching  - Do you put off the research you need to do?  Research on all kinds of topics eats up time and energy.  For example, you may need some new software but you are not sure which one to select for your particular needs.  Or you want new money and need to know where you can possibly get it.  Save yourself a lot of time and engage Virtual As-Needed Services.

Creating Training Videos for Staff and Board Members. YouTube, etc. - Are you tired of repeating the same information over and over again?  Creating simple training information videos can relieve some of that repetitive training.  Would you like people to find your group on YouTube as part of your marketing efforts?  Many organizations don't have the time to create simple videos for YouTube and other venues where short videos can get attention.


Lorraine Arams
On Contract Only


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