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Lorraine Arams

Innovative – Practical – Unconventional - Resourceful

My management abilities were proven in several types of enterprises:  non-profits, multi-national and national corporations, government and small business.

The teams I developed consisted of diverse personalities - strong, involved and innovative people - who worked as a real team.  Teamwork was not just a word to us but the way we thought and interacted with one another - talented, skilled and unique.  Problem-solving was collaborative, democratic and accepting diverse forms of expression.

The team functioned in an efficient operation in which resourcefulness and practical working relationships were formed.  Change was our constant friend.

Supporting effective operations were well-conceived budgets, clear and understandable financial statements and systems which were tracked and reported upon openly.

Appropriate technology was a key tool enabling us to concentrate on achieving goals in the least amount of time while enjoying the process and throwing in a little fun for good measure.  I believe that if people are happy at work, they are more likely to perform better than otherwise would be the case.

I transformed enterprises for the benefit of all concerned involving everyone to produce change that was logical, practical and as effortless as possible while delivering better services to our constituents.


 “Some qualities that are evident in Ms. Arams approach to any challenge include integrity, ability to plan and execute, and development of a strong rapport with staff and other stakeholders”. John A. Keller, President, Tarik Investments Inc.


Today, I utilize that knowledge and experience to help non-profits get unstuck and thrive. 

My aim is to inspire executive directors, staff, and members of the boards of directors to make the necessary changes to serve their community in the best way possible maximizing the impact their time, efforts and energy have on the work of the organization.

And I know from my experience, nothing works unless the people and the operations run symbiotically.  Much like the weakest link, if people or operational practices run at odds with efforts, the problems can grow and, soon, everyone is discouraged.  If people are courageous to make the necessary changes, the impact can be tremendous for the help given.

The consulting work I do is based on the feedback provided by all concerned with the organization in a confidentially so that people can express themselves openly and honestly without fear of retribution from any source. 

Workshops are designed specifically to address the issues within a particular group. 

Executive Directors need someone independent and knowledgeable to help them at times.  No executive director is immune from the crush of work which arises sometimes which is the way I offer the opportunity for them to take the pressure off.  Too, the coaching and mentoring can personally help executive directors to lead a more balanced life and develop their careers.

I work with groups and individuals both virtually and live.

And as further support, I continuously create online courses and other digital products for non-profits to add to their library.


Leadership and Management: My leadership philosophy is that I believe my role is to make it possible for everyone associated with the organization to do their work in the best way possible with the right tools and inter-connections which allow for the greatest symbiotic relationships and processes.  Management should be involved, practical and in-tune daily.  Decisions need to be made in line with the mission and vision of the organization. I put the right people in the right jobs to operate like a precision machine, engaged and continuously finding new ways to improve productivity, systems, and procedures. Technology is utilized to support operations and efficiencies. 
Volunteer Development: I have re-designed volunteer structures for up to 400 volunteers to engage volunteers actively and structures to maintain interest and enthusiasm.
Facilitation, Public Speaking, and Training: I design presentations to suit the audience specifically addressing their concerns. My training skills have been honed internally and externally utilizing PowerPoint, videos, podcasting, online radio and blogging.
"Lorraine created a customized workshop for our board after the organization went through a period of turmoil and we needed to regroup our board. She skillfully selected material from the large body of knowledge on board governance and brought it life. The directors walked away with a renewed sense of commitment as well as some practical tools that we could implement immediately to improve our meetings and effectiveness."  BC Postpartum Society
Financial:  With my knowledge of accounting, I have initiated new accounting systems and worked with accountants to develop the right recording and reporting results.  My budgeting practices include full discloser budgets and financial statements.  Fundraising plans have been able to raise millions of dollars.  I have managed budgets up to $4M
Technological:  I have a sizeable repertoire of technological knowledge and application. Operationally, technology has been used to improve delivery of services and increase efficiencies. Skills in: MS Office, video production, podcasting, e-learning, programming, online radio, ebooks, WordPress.
Operational:  Every operation is unique even in the same industry.  My forte is operational design to mesh systems, procedures, processes, technologies, workflows, and people into a high functioning flow independent on any particular individual or group.
Project Planning and Development: My experience includes being practiced at designing and executing astute and detailed projects such as new initiatives, operational change, events, physical alterations, connectivity, etc.
Funding and Fundraising: My competencies naturally include writing grant proposals, creating relevant reports, designing and launching fundraising campaigns, creatively finding new income as well as galvanizing resources for events of all description.
 Some Unique Accomplishments
o Complete Transformation:  In less than 6 months, as the transitional executive director, I transformed a government-run program into a society, winning a prestigious award for proficiently installing new systems, physical layout, revenue generation opportunities, new budgeting and fiscal controls and websites; expanding E-Commerce; improving collaborative efforts with Aboriginals and the Olympics;  intensifying services to clients all the while delivering over 300 core services to small business people Province-wide
o Update: A highly successful seniors’ organization was at a turning point when I joined them as executive director. A complete re-organization was required:  operationally, updating equipment and technology, redesigning procedures, processes, and programming, introducing a new volunteer program. The results were amazing because of the incredible dedication of staff and volunteers.  More services and programs were added, a new volunteer program boasted over 400 active volunteers, and vibrancy was restored.
o Connecting the Parts: For a multi-national organization as director of the coaching program, I completely turned around the program from a nearly non-functioning program into a highly effective department developing systems, processes, procedures, policies and technological changes aimed at satisfying the needs of clients, coaches, staff, other departments and finally assuring the Company was profitable from coaching.  The coaching program grew, organized and with systems that worked for all concerned.
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