On Contract Only

On Contract Only is  designed to help the people who work in non-profits and small business

through live and virtual outsource services, online courses, ebooks, PDFs, blogs and podcasts.

On Contract Only

Putting the pieces together to create symbiosis and flow

4 Ways to  assist you need to accomplish more, network more, and have more fun:

1.  Virtual As Needed Outsource Services

When you need a solid, reliable backup especially during crunch times, pile ups or crisis and to complete work without doing more staff hirings.  You may not have enough money to hire more people but, on contract , help can be affordable.  Even without a crisis, extra expert help provides relief from the pressure of getting it all done!  These services may include:  proofreading or content editing; writing; hiring; creating videos; researching; consulting or advising.  Learn More Here

2.  Live Consulting and Workshops

Some groups prefer in-person workshops and consulting.  Workshops are specifically designed for your particular group and delivered in a group session.  Consulting involved the use of both virtual and live formats to address the results of the work.  Learn More Here

3.  Online Courses and Digital Products

I create these courses and digital products based on what people ask me such as: What is governance?  What is a business plan and why should I have one?  How do I create a budget everyone can understand and easily track?These products can be invaluable for on-going and repetitive training.  Learn More Here

4.  Career and Personal Development

Personal and career development go hand-in-hand with success on the job.  If your fears and insecurities are sabotaging your best efforts, you find yourself exhausted as though you were pushing a boulder uphill.  If you don't focus on your career or role in the business, you may not have one.  People working in non-profits and small business are often totally consumed with the "business" and the self becomes lost in the process.  Coaching/mentoring can really help to stay on target.  Learn More Here

Why Contract?

Fresh eyes, ears and viewpoint Everyone has had the experience of listening to someone else's problem and thinking of a solution.  Why?  Because people involved in the problem are problem focused and have difficulty seeing the solution. 

Cost Effectiveness - The cost, in the long run, is less expensive than hiring someone on staff.  You contract only for the work you need done.

Confidentiality - All work is treated as confidential material.

Unique Approach - Different knowledge and experiences present you with unique perspectives and approaches. 

Getting unstuck - The tendency of individuals and groups is to get stuck when the volume of work is overwhelming.  Yet, the work must be done.  Contracting  relieves the pressure.

Advice - Everyone needs to bounce things off  other people. 

You are assured  confidentiality and honesty  with your best interests at heart.  Sometimes the truth can be hard to listen to but when we are serious about what we're doing, we appreciate those who have the courage to deliver the message openly and honestly.



Fees are charged by the hour, per project or on retainer whichever suits you best.  All fees paid through PayPal or etransfer.





Lorraine Arams
On Contract Only


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