Live And Virtual Products and Services for People in  Non-profits

facilitating symbiotic connections amongst people working and volunteering in non-profits

to achieve the greatest success possible within the scope of their purpose and abilities


1.  Virtual As Needed Outsource Services

When executive directors need a solid, reliable backup especially during crunch times, pile-ups or crisis to complete work without adding more staff, this is a viable option, easy on the budget.    Even without a crisis, extra expert help provides relief from the pressure of getting it all done!  These services may include:  proofreading and content editing; writing;  HR; project development; grant applications; creating videos; researching Learn More Here

2.  On Contract Live

Some groups prefer in-person workshops and consulting reviews.  Workshops are specifically designed for your particular group to address issues in your group.  Consulting services are offered both in virtual and live formats.  Learn More Here

"Life is sometimes too short and. as an organization, we can get “stale”. Sometimes we need to turn things upside down and look at the structure. Having Lorraine Arams come in was absolutely amazing, not only was she very structured but she was very aware of all our different personalities and how hard it can be to work together. It might seem awkward at first to have someone come in to look at your organization, but I feel it was the best thing for us.  It opened our eyes to many different ideas and ways to move forward as an organization in a positive matter. She made us look at the basics of our organization. She got us to refocus and look forward. I believe that she is very good at her job. She was structured, blunt and engaged our organization with an open mind. Thank you very much Lorraine Arams,"

Gord Byers, Treasurer, BCCPAC

3.  Online Courses and Digital Products

I create courses and digital products on topics such as: governance, social media for events, committee develpment, etc.  These products can be invaluable for on-going and repetitive training (see Digital Products in menu above).  Learn More Here

4.  Career and Personal Development Coaching/Mentoring

For executive directors, personal and career development go hand-in-hand with success on the job.  If you are feeling you're on a treadmill going as fast as you can, exhausted and seemingly getting nowhere, you need help. 

If you don't focus on your career,  you may derail without knowing it.  Boards are fickle.  You may have a great board for years, then, all of a sudden, new board members want a new executive director.  Are you prepared?  People working in non-profits are often totally consumed with the "business" and the self becomes lost in the process.  Coaching/mentoring can really help to stay on target.  Learn More Here

 I utilize my experience as an Executive Director in different types of non-profits as well as knowledge and experiences garnered working for multi-national companies, government, and small business to help you design a better future for your group.    



Why Contract?

Fresh eyes, ears and viewpoint Everyone has had the experience of listening to someone else's problem and thinking of a solution.  Why?  Because people involved in the problem are problem focused and have difficulty seeing the solution.   A new set of eyes and ears can often pinpoint the issue and help design the right solution.

Cost Effectiveness - The cost, in the long run, is less expensive than hiring someone on staff.  You contract only for the work you need done at that moment.  There are no on-going costs or hidden costs such as space, benefits, staff management, equipment, issues, etc.

Unique Approach - The diversity of knowledge and experiences I have blend to offer you unique perspectives and approaches which may not otherwise be realized. 

Getting unstuck - The tendency of individuals and groups is to get stuck when the volume of work is overwhelming.  Yet, the work must be done.  Contracting relieves the pressure.

Advice - Everyone needs to confidentially bounce things off other people who have the experience to understand and offer practical advice especially in highly emotionally charged situations to avoid possible catastrophic results.  Advice can also open the mind to new possibilities and options.

You are assured confidentiality and honesty with your best interests at heart when you contract with On Contract Only Live and Virtual. 

Sometimes the truth can be hard to listen to but when we are serious about what we're doing, we appreciate those who have the courage to deliver the message openly and honestly.

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 Fees are charged by the hour, per project or on retainer whichever suits you best.  All fees paid through PayPal or etransfer.





Lorraine Arams
On Contract Only


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