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The Best Little Filing System for Small Business Board Governance
Save time, money and energy by getting organized.  Good foundations assure that you have the time to make the most money.  Start here:  The Best Little Filing System for Small Business.  Works well for non-profits too.
Understand what a board is really suppose to do and do it.  It's not about the Board but about the organization.  Good governance is a priority for effective work.  


Board Roles and Responsibilities must be in line with the organization's goals and objectives. Learn


mission, vision, values, business philosophy fundraising, money goals, achievement, success
Vision, Mission, Values and Business Philosophy must be clear and understood for any chance of success.  Most organizations miss the mark on developing these statements succintly. Here's some help to create them:  Creating Mission Statements and Beyond

Raise $1000+  - some ideas for you -  get your creative juices flowing and plan exciting and fund raisers for your non-profit.  You can create some fabulous and fund events or plans - start here:   Raise $1000+ - 100+ Fundraising Ideas for your Non-Profit


Have you been able to achieve your goals after spending so much time writing them down and thinking about them?  If not, here's your missing link - the one most people missThe Missing Link Between Setting and Achieving Goals - $12



Are you Doing the Right Thing? How do you Know?
How do you know if you are actually saying or doing the right things at work?  You may be hurting your career and don't even know it.  This course will help you avoid those pitfalls.  You At Work - Are you Aboslutely Sure your Career is Helped?
Skyrocket Your Career - coming soon Budgeting - the easy and fun way - coming soon
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Why Online Courses?

Lifelong Learning is a Must Especially from People Who Have Been There, Done That - Why Repeat Mistakes if You Don't Have to?

There is such a great need to train people today.  We concentrate on technology but people are still people.  The soft skills need as much focus.

What You'll Find in my Online Courses - An Ecclectic Range of Topics

Why an ecclectic range of topics?  That's who I am.  I've never been a conformist nor like to stay in one "box". 

I've learned a lot because I've worked in international corporations, small business, non-profits and governments.  The industries I've been involved with have included law, mining, medical, rail, performing and visual arts, restaurants, advanced education, politics,  and, finally, teaching - I've taught all my life - on and off the job.  I've had extensive training in technology including network systems administration and programming as well as psychology at the other end of the spectrum. 

And I worked my way up to CEO positions learning every aspect of business on the way up.

Obviously, working in so many industries, I've gathered a wealth of knowledge, made many mistakes and did a lot things right.  It is these life experiences and knowledge I pass on in my courses.  Nonetheless, I learned.  Making mistakes happens when you stretch yourself - I have always stretched myself at every turn - so much to learn and so little time - life is way too short considering the vast array of human knowledge and experiences.

What's In It For You?

Technology is a good thing.  People skills are better for your career and your personal life.

People skills are the most important skills to master especially mastering yourself.

People skills take a long time and a vast array of education types to become very good at dealing with people on and off the job in such a way to make your life the best it can be.

You'll learn that:

All enterprises are  businesses.  Yes, including non-profit.  In fact, non-profits can be big business too with billions of dollars in revenue and assets.

Politics are everywhere.  Learn to deal with them as much as possible. 

Hard work is not all it's cracked up to be.  In fact, forget about hard work and find the right way to make your mark. 

Having a high IQ is not enough and may actually derail your career. 

No amount of education can "make it happen".  Only you can do that if you know the right steps to take. 

Best to learn the best ways to manage your life.



None of us can learn what we need to learn in order to apply it just by going through the material once - no one.  Application of what is learned is the key to real learning.

The course has one price.  And you can view the courses over and over - as often as you need to. 

You can ask questions

You can view more material on my blog, on my You Tube channel, on Google Hangouts, podcasts and articles on various sites.

Many organizations offer courses online but they have a limited time to view the courses before you have to pay again.  Others require a monthly fee to view the courses on an ongoing basis. 

With my courses, you pay once and receive unlimited access not to mention regular updates and educational or informational add-ons.

And, if you need more help, I offer services for custom-made workshops for your group, consulting, and contracting.  These services offer the help that each organization uniquely needs.  Some will need a little - some a lot more.  

30-day Money Back Guarantee - After 30 days, you don't like the course, get your money back - simple.

And . . . I listen . . . I listen to what you have to say - what you think and, thereby, create a symbiotic relationship of practical, applicable learning not only for you and I but for everyone else taking the course.  An exchange of successes and issues helps everyone.

on contract onlyCOME ABOARD - start the change you've been longing to see for your organization and achieve success which will benefit both your personal and professional lives not to mention your standing in your community.

Everyone loves a success story - begin yours - today - sign up for a course - you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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