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On Contract Only

Putting the pieces together to create flow and symbiotic relationships

On Contract Only

is about helping others and solving problems with my knowledge, experience, talent and skills.  Those involved in the non-profit work are often too close to the situation.  On the outside looking in is somewhat akin to 20/20 vision - clarity is always easier when we are not in the midst of the internal  complications and so it is for a consultant.  That's why a consultant's work can save an organization's people time, money and effort and yet achieve more.

Success is realized  when work and information flow in unincumbent ways and relationships are developed in symbiotically..  No one says that everyone has to love one another but there are ways to work together productively.


On Contract Only offers:


  1.  Consulting - bringing in someone who can look at the situation without the historical blocks can be "just the thing" to see everyone free to make the changes necessary and build anew.

    "Life is sometimes too short and. as an organization, we can get “stale”. Sometimes we need to turn things upside down and look at the structure. Having Lorraine Arams come in was absolutely amazing, not only was she very structured but she was very aware of all our different personalities and how hard it can be to work together. It might seem awkward at first to have someone come in to look at your organization, but I feel it was the best thing for us.  It opened our eyes to many different ideas and ways to move forward as an organization in a positive matter. She made us look at the basics of our organization. She got us to refocus and look forward. I believe that she is very good at her job. She was structured, blunt and engaged our organization with an open mind. Thank you very much Lorraine Arams,Gord Byers, Treasurer, BCCPAC" 

  2.   Workshops - generic or customized - can clarify and answer questions.  Often, people don't ask the necessary questions out of fear.  In a workshop, people are more apt to find the answers they need. 

    "Lorraine created a customized workshop for our board after the organization went through a period of turmoil and we needed to regroup our board.  She skillfully selected material from the large body of knowledge on board governance and brought it life. The directors walked away with a renewed sense of commitment as well as some practical tools that we could implement immediately to improve our meetings and effectiveness." Joanna Joniec, President, Pacific Post Partum Support Society

  3. Facilitation - Meetings, work sessions, planning and other gatherings in which decision-making is of prime importance without a limited scope of time begs for a facilitator.  A facilitator keeps participants on topic, on time and asks for the decisions to be made.

  4.  As Needed Services - Often, there's more work than people or time available.  This is the perfect time to call On Contract Only to assist.  Some of the possible help you might need are:-  creating or revamping operational manuals
    -  reviewing budgets or grant applications for accuracy and logic
      resolving conflicts
    -  hiring new staff
    -  projects
    -  events


Lorraine Arams
On Contract Only


What's my background?

My background is eclectic and some would even call it uncommon.  I worked my way up into senior management roles.  My career has taken me into many industries.   Within these industries, I made sure to learn as much as I could and acquire new, sometimes, unrelated skills.  My multi-potentialite nature is reflected by this array of experiences.

I learned a lot from working in all those industries - the differences and the similarities.   I had many successes and made mistakes - big and small - along the way from which I learned important lessons.

I'm a lifelong learner, curious and interested in  many topics.  What great gifts my teachers have given me!

My products include:  online courses, ebooks, podcasts and information PDFs.  You'll find plenty of free information in my blogs.



communicating person to personCommunicating is such an incredible human experience!

Lorraine Arams
On Contract Only


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